Sunday, 27 February 2011

Walk a Mile in a Wise Man's Shoes

This set of images was created over two days in the streets around London Fields in Hackney where I live. 

I was approached to collaborate on this project by the very lovely and incredibly creative stylist Marina Magalhaes who wanted to do
a still life but rather than shooting it in the studio take it to 
the street instead.

So we created these site specific installations each in 
a different street setting, representing a different famous 

I had so much fun, though it was really hard trying to stick bin
bags to stone walls. It was a really creative challenge that I was
happy to be a part of.

The images were intended to be quite tongue in cheek, 
we wanted people to see them and laugh, which many passers by 
did when they saw us photographing them.

I hope they make you smile:

(Albert Einstein)

(Abraham Lincoln)

(Salvador Dali)

(Mahatma Gandhi)

(Charles Darwin)

(Sigmund Freud)

(Polaroids and 35mm coming soon!)


  1. Loved it! gahahahahhahaha

    Thank you love. I am really happy about it!! It was a success