Tuesday, 7 February 2012

End Of An Era

I have decided to stop posting so much on All Light And Beauty and instead switch to a new tumblr.

This is for a few reasons:

The tumblr layout I am moving is a lot less linear, which I feel works better for a blog about photography as you can physically see more images at the same time . This layout also fits more comfortably into my dyslexic, creative mind, where things defiantly don't run in a straight line.
The other reason is that when I started this blog I thought my work was about showing the world as light and beautiful. But lately my work has become a little darker and a little more sinister, so I feel I have outgrown the name.

If you'd like to continue to follow my photography, writings, thoughts and general creativity you can find me over at: 

and if you want to contact me please email: teanroberts@live.com

Love Teän

River Island Paper Sculptures

I was fortunate enough to be commissioned by River Island to make a series of pieces for them after winning their "Wild Card Prize" in collaboration with London College of Fashion. 
The whole ordeal of winning and being given a certificate and so on was utterly mortifying, but this chap's moustache certainly lessened the pain:

These pieces are what they commissioned me to make, and each scene was made from intricately cut out photocopies of River Island's textiles. They were initially intended to be used in the new River Island store in Westfield Stratford City, but I think instead they have been hung somewhere in River Island's head office building in West London. Either way I think it's pretty cool.

Little Book Of Horrors

This shoot was based on Victorian ghost photography, where photographers would use spooky props or techniques like double exposure to tick people into thinking they had photographed spirits. This is something that I have found completely fascinating for a while now so I was happy to finally make some work about it. 

It was also really fun to explore the dynamic between adult and child models, which was a completely new experience for  Jennivi an I. Having little Ella on the shoot made everything even more fun, especially because she was so full of energy and star quality. Luckily our other model Laura, who is fast becoming my ultimate muse, was not at all upset about being outstayed by an eight year old. 

Styling - Jennivi Jordan.
Models - Laura and Ella.

Jennivi and I submitted this shoot to Ballad Of… magazine's Little Book Of Horrors Issue, but sadly they didn't chose to publish it. That didn't stop us picking up some great goody-bags and a copy of The Ballad Of Petra Doe at the issue launch though:

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nobody Ever Likes the Right Person

I worked with stylist Sophie Clark on this test shoot, which was inspired by the early work of Bret Easton Ellis. 

The images show the character of a central protagonist exploring his budding sexuality, and his frustration facing the difficult transitional period of youth.

I haven't shot anything fashion based for so long I admittedly got a little overexcited and shot a ridiculously huge amount of film:

(Including 35mm, 120 Polaroid, Out of date Polaroid, and Fuji-instax.)
Here are a couple of formats:

Fuji Instax:

And 35mm:

Styling: Sophie Clark
Assistant: Suzannah Laloe-Punchard
Models: Laura Hayes and Matthew and Teo at Premiere.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Creative Manifesto.

Lately I have been feeling less than inspired, and have been neglecting my creativity.
I've been told this is a naturally phenomenon that comes after graduating from three years of hard study. But I feel it needs to stop, so I have taken steps to rectify this lack of creative drive.

 And I have written a new Creative Manifesto for my new life as a freelance creative
(and a waitress):

 That pictures a little hard to read so here's a clearer one:

So hopefully this means you will be seeing a lot more creative work from me in the near future. 

It was the Nightingale, and Not the Lark, That Pierced the Fearful Hollow of Thine Ear.

So I figure it's pretty self-indulgent to post photos of myself and my trendy East London friends having a wicked time, and even worse to title it with a tenuously linked Shakespeare quote to reference day and night. But I think there's something to be appreciated from the photography of the everyday, and what's the point of always carrying a camera if you can't show anyone your pictures?

So for the last few months this is how I've been spending my days...

And my nights...