Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nobody Ever Likes the Right Person

I worked with stylist Sophie Clark on this test shoot, which was inspired by the early work of Bret Easton Ellis. 

The images show the character of a central protagonist exploring his budding sexuality, and his frustration facing the difficult transitional period of youth.

I haven't shot anything fashion based for so long I admittedly got a little overexcited and shot a ridiculously huge amount of film:

(Including 35mm, 120 Polaroid, Out of date Polaroid, and Fuji-instax.)
Here are a couple of formats:

Fuji Instax:

And 35mm:

Styling: Sophie Clark
Assistant: Suzannah Laloe-Punchard
Models: Laura Hayes and Matthew and Teo at Premiere.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Creative Manifesto.

Lately I have been feeling less than inspired, and have been neglecting my creativity.
I've been told this is a naturally phenomenon that comes after graduating from three years of hard study. But I feel it needs to stop, so I have taken steps to rectify this lack of creative drive.

 And I have written a new Creative Manifesto for my new life as a freelance creative
(and a waitress):

 That pictures a little hard to read so here's a clearer one:

So hopefully this means you will be seeing a lot more creative work from me in the near future. 

It was the Nightingale, and Not the Lark, That Pierced the Fearful Hollow of Thine Ear.

So I figure it's pretty self-indulgent to post photos of myself and my trendy East London friends having a wicked time, and even worse to title it with a tenuously linked Shakespeare quote to reference day and night. But I think there's something to be appreciated from the photography of the everyday, and what's the point of always carrying a camera if you can't show anyone your pictures?

So for the last few months this is how I've been spending my days...

And my nights...