Sunday, 31 October 2010


Found my old plaroid 600 camera with half a pack of the new black and white Impossible Project polaroid film still in it.
Sad to say the film results are still rubbish, everyone looks like they live in a pumpkin.

Through blogging I've realised how much I love Polaroid film, I talk about it a lot.
I think this is because I find it so magical, the way the object forms the picture itself in front of my eyes. Also everyone looks nice in polaroids (not these ones admittedly but normal polaroids) with blurred outlines and soft-focussed faces. Also the instantaneousness of the results reduces the fear I feel when I'm shooting on film. The fear that I could have done soemthing wrong and after all the hard work of organising, collaborating, shooting, I'll have messed something up and there will be nothing on the film.

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