Friday, 17 June 2011

What's a Girl to Do?

Wednesday was the private view for my class's graduation exhibition at the Richard Young Gallery in Kensington. The show runs from now until the 9th July and features one image from everyone in my year on the BA Fashion Photography course at London College of Fashion. 

It feels so exciting to be part of this cohort, and I have been so inspired by the amazing photographers, and wonderful people around me for the last three years. The standard of work from the course is really amazing and if you like cutting edge contemporary fashion photography then I would definitely recommend a visit.

You can read more about the exhibition on the Richard Young Gallery website.

This is me next to my photograph looking furtive at the private view:

It was a lovely evening and a really great end to my three years on the course. 

Now I'm totally terrified of leaving university and entering the real world... so if anyone would like to employ me please get in touch:!


  1. I love this photo! I am also terrified of the real world since I'm barely getting used to it, but nothing happens unless you make it happen.

  2. Thanks Zeolite, that's really good advice :) I suddenly feel a bit better about it :D xx