Thursday, 9 June 2011

There's a Brand New Dance but I Don't Know its Name

I've been having a very fashionable time lately with some of my friends who are just graduating from the BA Fshion and Performance Sportswear Design course at University College Falmouth. I shot three final collections for Jessie Metcalf, Suzannah Punchard and Chloe Reynolds and I turned up to party with them at both their graduate shows, one down in Falmouth and one here in London on Brick Lane. 

I actually missed the catwalk show because I was at a pagan wedding, but according to everyone who saw it it was an incredible spectacle that culminated when supermodel Sophie Anderton closed the show in Suzie's incredible devore dress, which apparently miss Anderton was reluctant to relinquish after the show.

(Thanks very much to Fern Berry for the use of this photograph)

 I arrived just in time for many celebratory j√§gerbombs and had a brilliant, if quite messy, time at the after-party. 

Suzannah Punchard and I.

Designers Annaleigh, Suzie and Jessie.

Jessie and Jack.

Chloe and Joe.

Suzie and Jessie.

The following week a select few of the designers made their way to London's Brick Lane to showcase the collections.

Sophie Hawkins (who you may recognise from one of my first ever blog posts Wild Things) , Suzannah Punchard, Trinity Tristan Higgs, Chloe Reynods and Jessie Metcalf. 

Chloe Reynold's Collection.

Suzannah Punchard's Collection.

Jessie Metcalf's Collection.

Myself, Suzie and her collection. 

Stylist Jennivi Jordan and me.

Designers staying limber while invigilating the show in the day time:

Falmouth designers invigilating their show: Haden Gaynor, Jessie Metcalf, Suzannah Punchard, Trinity Tristan Higgs and Chloe Reynolds.

All ridiculously talented and really sweet people, hopefully you'll be seeing more from them soon in the future of fashion design. 

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