Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Creative Manifesto.

Lately I have been feeling less than inspired, and have been neglecting my creativity.
I've been told this is a naturally phenomenon that comes after graduating from three years of hard study. But I feel it needs to stop, so I have taken steps to rectify this lack of creative drive.

 And I have written a new Creative Manifesto for my new life as a freelance creative
(and a waitress):

 That pictures a little hard to read so here's a clearer one:

So hopefully this means you will be seeing a lot more creative work from me in the near future. 


  1. I like it!!!

    The same way I think things for myself.......just run with it!!!

  2. Lesson learnt from this post: Scroll the whole page down for a quick review and then read all. I was squinting hard to read the first picture and only afterwards realised there was a clearer one.