Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nobody Ever Likes the Right Person

I worked with stylist Sophie Clark on this test shoot, which was inspired by the early work of Bret Easton Ellis. 

The images show the character of a central protagonist exploring his budding sexuality, and his frustration facing the difficult transitional period of youth.

I haven't shot anything fashion based for so long I admittedly got a little overexcited and shot a ridiculously huge amount of film:

(Including 35mm, 120 Polaroid, Out of date Polaroid, and Fuji-instax.)
Here are a couple of formats:

Fuji Instax:

And 35mm:

Styling: Sophie Clark
Assistant: Suzannah Laloe-Punchard
Models: Laura Hayes and Matthew and Teo at Premiere.


  1. The boys are gorgeous and Lora is extra dreamy in these pics! Love it Tean specially the one taken of Lora's back. The pose is very indirect to the audience and you feel like you can observe and stare at her more! ;)