Saturday, 28 May 2011

As a Moonbeam from Lightning, or Frost from Fire

A prophesy came to pass last week, or rather a promise to a very good friend. One of my greatest friends Suzannah Punchard has just finished her degree in Fashion Design at Falmouth College of Arts, and I went down to photograph her final collection in it's entirety. This included a stunning floor-length devore dress and a skirt made from half a million metallic beads that took Suzie over 180 hours to make. 
It was always our plan that Suzie would design beautiful clothes and I would photograph them, and I'm so happy to have created these beautiful images with her. I think that if we had never met I probably would not have become a fashion photographer at all. So I am very grateful for that.

The collection was inspired by ideas of loss and grief.
All Designs by Suzannah Punchard -
Make-up by Millie Gibson -
Modelled by Jena Goldsack
With special thanks to Viki Laloe


  1. Garments and photos looks great! Look forward to seeing them up close.

  2. Oh wow the pictures are amazing! Are those yours? If I was a fashion designer I wish I had such pictures too :D

  3. love!!!!! love the new shoots so great!