Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lands End

My search for lesser-known prehistoric sites led me back to Cornwall, to Lands End where these two Neolithic sites are really close to each other:

This is the Men-an Tol, it looks like a polo and the hole in the middle stone is just about big enough for someone my size to squeeze through. Apparently it's associated with fertility and children were passed through it in the olden times to cure rickets... brilliant.

Just down the road is Lanyon Quoit, which I think was once a massive tomb, though its not in its original place now because it fell down and was rebuilt in the early nineteenth century. To me it looks like a huge sacrificial table and I can really picture witches practicing strange rituals here.

Anyway I'm hoping to shoot here because even without the bizarre stones the landscape is amazing, so bleak and un-touched, except for that disused tin-mine that looks like castle visible
in the background of some of the images.

I think it's the perfect place to shoot something inspired by witchcraft.

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