Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Calendar Test

These images were inspired by a challenge I saw from the amazing photographer Lina Scheynius.
The challenge that you can find on her website was this:

these are the rules: "take on picture of yourself every single day for one year. use whatever you might find in the place you happen to be - just make sure that you are always in the frame somewhere, somehow. there will be tons of days when you will not want to take a picture of yourself - do it anyway! take the first one in july 2009 and the last one in June 2010 - and then develop all the rolls at once. voila!"

However you will note that there are a lot less that 365 photographs here.
This is because I didn't really consider the fact that the camera I chose for this project would be unusable for any other work until the year was up. I chose to shoot on my grandmothers old Pentax SLR which is a lovely camera, but also my only 35mm SLR which I really like to use day to day.
Therefore after a couple of months I decided to find a different camera to continue this project. 
But here are the images so far, me on all the days...


  1. I love your photos!! so sweet!

  2. Love it darling!!!!! You should definitely do a calendar with your photos they look great!!!!