Thursday, 31 March 2011

Digital Preview

I recently went on a little adventure down to Cornwall to shoot some images for a school project in some incredible locations. I am originally from Cornwall, and love how naturally beautiful and rugged the landscapes are, so it felt amazing for me to combine these with a fashion element. 
I had the most fantastic, sweet, exciting team to work with and the images we produced together are looking so beautiful. They probably won't be ready to show for a while as I am currently in the long, arduous process of scanning negatives and polaroids, but here are some unedited digital shots capturing the essence of the trip.

Make-up: Gabriella May
Models: Charlotte Butler and Gemma Deeks

Model Gemma and Stylist Jennivi.

Gemma looking dramatic in a stone circle under an ominous sky.

My make-up artists and best friend Gabriella, filling in for the model while we tested the light.

Model Gemma looking wild and sexy in the landscape.

Kristine and Gabriella frolicking in nature after recently disturbing a snake in the grass!

Gemma at our ruined church location by the sea.
Gabriella and I loading the new Portra-400 into the Hassleblad.

Gabriella piggybacking our model Charlotte across the headland.

Charlotte looking incredible in Jen's fantastic styling. 

Charlotte and Gemma huddled together for warmth. Don't let the sunshine fool you, it was freezing!

Charlotte looking windswept on a cliff edge.

Lots more to come from this trip so watch this space.


  1. Love it!! I miss Penzance and I've just finished the last bit of my clotted cream!

  2. Haha next time I go down I will bring you some back! xx

  3. Jennivi always at her best, love the background and the shots.

  4. Thanks so much, I'm so glad you like them.
    Lots more to come from this shoot when they'e all edited, we shot loads! xx