Friday, 4 March 2011

Wish Fulfilment

I had time today to catch up with my negative scanning and scanned the 35mm film from the shoot I did with the amazing stylist Marina Magalhaes. She has made a beautiful layout for the digital images (which I posted here a while ago) on her blog ThingsBecomeThings in an editorial titled Wish Fulfilment of Ideas. 

Personally I like the film versions of these pictures more than the digital ones because I feel that film provides an extra separation between the subject and the viewer. When films is left left scratched and chemical stained like these you become more aware of the photograph as a surface, a surface you can look through and see into the world captured in the image.

Because these constructed still lives are so strange I think that the idea of giving them this added space makes them feel more believable somehow because it is as if they exist in another realm separate from our own.

(Albert Einstein)

 (Abraham Lincoln)

 (Salvador Dali)

 (Charles Darwin)

 (Mahatma Gandhi)

 (Sigmund Freud)

I've also included this accident that occurred while processing (I think I got the film stuck to itself so part couldn't develop) because I really enjoy when things like this go wrong and you get strange effects:

This is Marina inside Sigmund Freud:

And this is Darwin imprisoned:

We left all the heads around the locations in the hope that it would make people smile when they saw them in the street. Except Freud who I have in my living room.


  1. Wonderful photos! They put me in a different perspective. :)

  2. Hey,

    Fantastic installations! I really like your artistic style. And your photography (like below) is really brilliant. I'm now following!!!


  3. Yes I too think these are great! Fantastic concept. xx

  4. Fantastic Concept indeed!!!

  5. Fantastic Concept indeed!!!