Sunday, 27 March 2011

In Conclusion

Today I finished my dissertation.

Couldn't be happier about the fact that it's over, and now I can get back to being creative and taking more photographs, and reading things that aren't about the construction of gender and phallic symbolism.

Even though I am happy it's done, it was really interesting to do. 
I wrote about the use of antlers in fashion photographs like this one, and the way they influence gender stereotypes.

This images is by Rankin Waddell who I am generally not a massive fan of, but this has got antlered skulls in it,  so it's won me over:

I recently did a shoot with a deer skull and antlers, which I will post soon, but until then here is, in essence, what I have discovered from several weeks study of the use of antlers in fashion photography:

In conclusion it can be deduced that, to a certain extent, the use of antlers in fashion photography can be considered subversive to gender stereotypes. However predominantly their use resoundingly confirms ideas of masculine dominance and feminine passivity in a culture where representation is still ultimately dominated by patriarchy.

Who'd have thought it?
Anyway, celebration time, no more essay writing for me! 

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