Saturday, 28 May 2011

Borrowed Time and Borrowed World and Borrowed Eyes

I was lucky enough to photograph part of graduating designer Jessie Metcalf's final collection. Jessie herself is a beauty and has modelled for me before, but this time she was behind the lens with me to shoot her own designs. The collection's theme was post-appocalyptic fashion but not in it's traditional interpretation. Jessie clothes were designed for the survivors, the people who are struggling to cling to existence after the collapse of civilisation. This idea really captured my imagination  and I saw the character in these images as a sweet girl who was forced to become really tough by her circumstances. She is scouting the desolate landscape alone and despite her strength she is tired.
Jessie also let me lend a hand in some of the styling decisions, which was really fun.

Modelled by Rosa Lilly James
All garments by Jessie Metcalf:

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