Friday, 13 May 2011

End of an Era

Today was the final hand in for my degree. 
For the last three years I have been studying BA Fashion Photography and London College of Fashion, an now it's all over. Before I handed them over to be marked I photographed my favourite pages from my sketchbooks. I have three, which is admittedly a bit excessive, but I find it helps me to work through ideas if I can collate everything together through cutting and sticking. These three books document the whole year-long process, from research, through testing and shooting to the final outcome.

I actually can't believe it's all done!


  1. Gorgeous! I am enormously nosey about other people's sketchbooks and suspect you might be too. If you are, and don't already own it, there's a book called 'Drawing From Life' by Jennifer New which you probably need.

    Tea and hugs x

  2. also you might like these

  3. O wow thank's so much they are amazing! Love those wet plate pictures... I got a camera that I think will do that so I really need to get some chemicals and try it out.
    And those sketchbooks are incredible, I knew Dan Eldon's work before, so tragic and beautiful.
    Thanks so much for these! xxxx

  4. Ahh Tean! Well done your sketchbooks looks amazing!!
    You'll do well. :)