Saturday, 7 May 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks so much to the very lovely and incredibly talented illustrator Karima of for giving me this award:

(When you win the reward you have to tag the person in a post & say something, award some people you think deserve to win the award, and post 10 things about yourself.)

Here are the blogs I want to give the award back to...

And now here's the 10 things about myself...
1- I am named after a very small island.
2- I take a photograph of myself every day.
3- I drink more cups of tea than anyone else I’ve ever met.
4- I was once mistaken for a boy called Jonathan… that was a bad day.
5- My favorite thing to do in the world is sunbathe with good friends.
6- My favorite word in English is Lullaby. In French it’s Papillion.
7- I am really inspired by natural history illustrations and taxidermy.
8- I love boys who look like angels.
9-I have a geeky obsession with sketchbooks, I always have one on the go and I pour my mind out into them.
10- I can sail a boat better than I can drive a car.


  1. LOOOOVed your 10 things baout your self uahuahuah amazing.
    Now I don't understand if i get but these people that you awarded have to do the same things as you did???

  2. Yes that's the idea lovely! xxxx