Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My Greatest Enemies are Women and the Sea

Recently I was lucky enough to meet the very beautiful and completely lovely photographer Ellen Rogers. I have been a huge admirer of her bewitching photography for ages so when I heard she was speaking to the first years on my course I snuck along because I didn't want to miss out.

I got up the courage to speak to her afterwards and she was utterly lovely, we spoke about Polaroids and books and other great photographers and my plans after uni and how scarred I was of ending my student days and joining the real world. I think we have some quite similar artistic influences. She also gave me amazing feedback on my images, which was invaluable really.

Anyway if you don't know her work here are a few examples from her gorgeous website

 These are just a few examples of an incredible canon of photographic work which the artist described as a world she has created, that can be viewed through these images.

She had a book launch recently at the Last Tuesday Society that I went along to with some friends, and even though I am stoney broke at the moment I bought a copy of her beautiful book Aberrant Necropolis which she kindly signed for me.

It's a stunning book, you can purchase one here if you too would like a copy.

After this my friends and I had a lovely time exploring the Last Tuesday Society's hidden treasures:

It really felt like such a privilege to meet such a talented photographer who also turned out to be so kind to me and so interesting. I'm really pleased I bought her book and now it has pride of place on one of my bookshelves:

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